Proper Connectoring

The starting point for proper connectoring is seeing the importance of not confusing the specific and in connection with this, realizing that above all else, the results of any observations depend on where we stand when viewing what we are viewing. In addition, the results of any measurement or any valuation are always also conditioned by the measuring or valuing tool used. For example when we weigh flour, we are not weighing the flour. We are weighing the weight.

In order to avoid confusing the specific, we need to retrain and update our minds to think in a new way, a wide and very general way, but at the same time very precise. We call the essence of the method proper connectoring.

In the quest for ever greater precision, scientists have tended to specialize in particular areas of investigation and to narrow their vision only to often get lost into the details. To avoid this major pitfall of the scientific method,’s founder developed a mental tool – a Main Framework - capable of englobing in a general yet very precise way all the fundamentals of human knowledge, especially the sciences, psychology and philosophy.

"It is not possible to think of nor to discuss everything at the same time, therefore we have to deal with different aspects of Reality separately whilst not losing sight that they are in fact always connected. In our thinking we can only connect with one thing or or one aspect or one group of things at the same time. Similarly with the other senses we can only attend consciously to one thing at a time, which process takes place in three dimensions."

The advantages of training oneself to view and think of things in terms of a three dimensional instead of a dual existence, are enormous.

The old tendency or habit pattern of the mind is to think that “ if this happens, that happens ” ignoring the three dimensional chain of cause and effect, which precedes and follows every event.

For example we turn the tap on in the kitchen and water comes out but we tend to ignore the whole three dimensional process whereby water as rain falls from the sky, is gathered in containers,then channeled via a system of filtres, valves and tubes through to the tap. When we pull the plug, the water likewise goes down the plug on an onward journey to another destination.

The point is to train ourselves to consider as carefully as possible each of the connectors ( the things we are connectoring to through senses and in our thoughts) and to follow the whole connected process from origin to destination.

Only by doing this s l o w l y can we train ourselves to connector properly. Proper connectoring avoids misuse and abuse of the connectors. It avoids confusing the specific.

It can prevent confusion and delusion. And wrong theories in sciences.

Connectoring properly therefore means to see as clearly as possible over three dimensions (inside, outside and the intervening medium) the events occurring in the six different fields of connectoring (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and thought) and to follow the process from origination (from source) to destination i.e. from a particular cause through to a particular effect).

The aim is to develop a quality of thorough understanding which DOES NOT LOSE SIGHT OF the three dimensions and three aspects, namely:

Time-wise as covering the past, the future and the past-future interface which we call the present present (viewing processes from origin to destination & consequence) ; Spacially as inside, outside and the inside-outside interface; Attention-wise as covering participation, observation and the participation-observation interface.

See directory of concepts connectoring for more details

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