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These two symbols along with the preceding two

Aggregette Aggregate

are the main concepts in the bottom left section of the Main Framework covering matter and its behaviour.

The concept aggregate refers to matter as a combination of several elements or parts which provisionally form one single bigger one. An aggregate may be composed of several elements of one kind (see All of a kind) or of several different kinds (see All different).

Whether it is a star, a planet, a human being, a cell, a molecule, an atom or an elementary particle, whatever specific material body we may be pointing to, the “aggregate” determines its size, shape, structure and behaviour, its "thingness", what it is and what it does.

If the aggregate is in the form of a material thing (as defined in the Directory of Concepts) it can move and travel as a whole.

If we are aspecting matter in the form of a semithing, in order to make clear the distinction between thing and semithing, the name “aggregette” is used.

Things can travel whereas semithings cannot travel.

Instead semithings tremble or oscillate. Their disturbance travels.

Semithings, as parts of things, cannot travel (change physical location) unless the thing of which they are a part travels as a whole.

example radiation-radioactivity: “Radiation and radioactivity are as you know two different things and these two words are badly used, in fact abused by writers. It is important not to confuse the two. In radioactivity the atom emits some of its parts. Once over, there is a change, what they call “decay”. Once over, the radioactivity stops and things are not the same as they were before .

In radiation – if the word is properly used – it is different. Once the radiation stops, things are as they were before. No change. That bit of ether that was disturbed (radiation) calms down, and that is that. Same as when you play (radiate or disturb) the strings on your guitar. They remain there unchanged once you stop playing. If you now try to catch me out and say... ‘aha...but surely this disturbance creates music’ (which are other disturbances going on and reaching your ear) or the radiation made your skin brown, then the reply is: ‘Yes, of course; but we were pointing at the radiation itself, not what it did to its neighbours”. whizzkid 26th march 1984

For this reason the motion behaviour of things is referred to as “travel” and the motion behaviour of semithings is called “travelette”.

The semithing part of things that we call “aggregette” can make several kinds of different movements: travelette can be oscillatory movements, namely movements which “go there and back, there and back, there and back, repetitively... ” or which “move away from their “normal” (or “rest”) position on the thing and come back again or movements which are rotational or circular.

These four symbols are there to illustrate these most important differences.

See thing semithing key article semithing theory

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