Autumn 2008

The Master Tool

Autumn Edition

The Main Framework is a map of 72 concepts which cover all possible subsidiary concepts of human knowledge about Reality.

It represents the synthesis of decades of applying proper connectoring to research in philosophy, sciences (particularly maths and physics) and psychology.

The framework’s main purpose and function is to provide in our mind a controlling “filtre” of master concepts to ensure proper connectoring at all times and in all situations. As such it becomes a formidable tool – a master tool - for updating the human mind.

Proper connectoring acts as the natural antidote to misconnectoring, which itself is the number one hindrance to correct thinking whether domestic, social, scientific, economic, business, political or cultural.

The main framework does not seek to define particular details but to be very precise about general features in order to make analysis and synthesis easier and quicker. Correct use of this master tool can systematically prevent the confusing of specifics.

As we become cleverer and cleverer, and more and more powerful, it becomes more and more urgent to bring wisdom into balance with knowledge. This will require that every single one of us updates our mind and mentality.

To do this we need to review and revise the fundamental concepts on which our thinking is based. Because if our basic concepts are unclear, our mind and thinking are bound to be unclear.

“Once scientists and other people get hold of the main framework and the few simple assumptions on which it is based, the whole world could change .... " founder audio


One of’s main aims is to encourage a shift in education changing the emphasis from the study of details to the study of general characteristics.

The study of general characteristics is not intended to replace the study of details. It is complimentary. A most important complement to see the big picture and avoid getting lost into details.

Never before has there been so much information available to so many people. And students and researchers are no exception. This is a wonderful phenomenon but at the same time creates many difficulties, pitfalls and confusions.

The need for an effective method of ordering the mass of information has never been more urgent.

We hope you will have fun learning about the master tool, experimenting with it, testing it and taking it to heart.

Ultimately each one of us will have to “make it our own” by thoroughly checking it, absorbing it and adapting it to our own particular fields of interest or expertise, even improving it.

It is our sincere wish that the master tool leads to an improved means of communication internally when we communicate with ourselves (think) and externally when we communicate with others (gesture, talk, write, act) and at the same time throws a new light on the interaction between this outside communication and the inside communication.

Lets think of it as a beginning to an era of greater clarity.

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