Tool has a very precise definition within the context of the main framework. To qualify as a tool 5 conditions or aspects must be fulfilled:

-- it must be something we can add to ourself or us to it as many times as required

-- it is therefore something which can be used repetitively, therefore it must not change (in other words it must stay sufficiently the same to be able to be used repetitively in a similar manner)

-- it must alter our power or capacity in some way perceived as advantageous

-- there must be a need for it: usually for some form of real or imaginary improvement

-- it must involve a conscious decision (previously taken or taken now) and an action to assemble yourself to it or it to you

Almost always when we use the word use, without realizing it, we are implying tools. But not always.

There are external tools in the world such as hammers, screwdrivers, motorcars, toothbrushes, rockets and such like which can range from very small to very big, very simple to very complex.

And there are also countless internal tools.

All methods, all languages, all codes are tools because they fit the above definition.

Human beings surround themselves internally and externally with tools. Some of them are very useful, others less useful and some are very dangerous if used incorrectly, such as wrong concepts.

Concepts are tools. The main framework is a tool for thinking more clearly, for learning faster, for improving analysis and synthesis.

The website is a tool.

The thinking mechanism (process) itself is a tool. In this regard the word thinking refers to using concepts in any process of connectoring. The decision-making process, being a filtre, is also a tool.

Perishable things are not tools as defined above. Money for example does not fulfil all of the 5 conditions because the same money cannot be used twice for the same transaction – like food or fuel it has to replaced or renewed.

see the close connection to the concept use

see also connectoring code language

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