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TIMITexternal link is a small partnership company with high expectations and keen to push beyond the limitations which the industrial consumer society often imposes on fresh, innovative pathways.
We also see the need for a mindupdate, for opening the mind to new ideas and learning from each new project we are entrusted with.
We enjoy a close and personal relationship with each of our clients as well as handling their projects in a most efficient and professional manner. We work together as a team ensuring each web project progresses swiftly and smoothly, always open to new suggestions and fresh changes from our clients.
Our website shows what we do but basically we take on projects that we like, that fit with our sense of freedom and vision. The beauty and freedom of the internet is that we are not limited to a particular geographical location or country.
Our studio is located in a tranquil village close to Barcelona, Spain.
We work for all sorts of different clients: companies, corporations, liberal professionals, NGO’s, associations, government departments. Check out our website!

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Meritxell Camps

Meritxell Camps has been an independent graphic designer since 1984. She studied at the Escola Massana in Barcelona.
In 2003 she founded TIMITexternal link, a company keen to excel in the challenges set by its clients and their projects.

TIMITexternal link in addition to a small in-house team of designers at the studio, TIMIT networks with a number of highly talented professionals able to assist in the challenges of each of its client’s projects: web programmers, photographers, illustrators, TV and Video producers, musicians etc..
This enables Timit to offer a one stop shop for tailor-made web solutions.

Birgit Ferran

Originally from Washington DC, I have been living in Barcelona (Spain) for over 20 years. I am currently working for the Catalan Department of Education as an educational technologist.
I do most of the programming and ensures that the client’s and studio’s ideas and requirements are turned into a properly functioning reality.

Without Birgit’s support many of TIMIT’s projects would not be possible.

Her activities include: Educational technology, Computer Programming & Flash/ActionScript.

Ira Peire

Is the spirit of youth and youthfulness at TIMIT’s web design studio. She is in charge of client relations and her mission is to understand the clients requirements at the planning stage as well as adding her own fresh approach to the execution of their projects.

She’s a very nice personality with interesting and innovative ideas.

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