The “P” and the “F” of Thinking

There are two main kinds of thinking. One deals with the store of information received by way of sensing and interpreting disturbances. The other is rearranging this already received information into other arrangements (patterns). The first deals with the past and therefore we call it the P of thinking. The second deals with the future and therefore we call it the F of thinking. Though both can take place in the present, they are not about sensations and perceptions going on now in the present.

Unlike the sensations of disturbances of the nervous system, which are real events, both the P and the F of thinking are imaginary arrangements and rearrangements, which only have an indirect connection to the real events which caused them.

Real events cause disturbances in the nervous system, which are sensed and stored. The thinking then uses the strains (patterns) resulting from the pushes of these disturbances as code to stand in for meaning.

We are so used to this and it happens so often, so fast that we do not realize that this is what is going on.

As we cannot think about everything at the same time, we have to filtre and choose from alternatives.

see Decision Making Process

see articles on the P, N and the F.

Nº5 Philosophy Chart on Thinking

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