The Dim Tendency

In addition to other repetitive features science has spotted, there exists a general law or tendency of Nature which has been studied as a mechanism and has been extensively described in certain specific fields of science such as physiology (the study of the human organism).

This tendency was observed long in the past, has been given many names and has been confirmed by scientific observations, namely the tendency in Nature to homeostasis.

Homoeostasis by no means confined to physiological situations.....Nor are homoeostatic mechanisms confined to biology.”


Irrespective of all other so-called laws of science, this Law is so basic, so fundamental and so omnipresent that its everpresent action tends to be overlooked or ignored.

It is the force inherent in Nature which tends always to the best position, to the norm, to the position of least conflict within the prevailing conditions and circumstances.

In this context it is important to understand that when using the word “best”, it may have little or nothing to do with human value judgements on what is or what is not “best”.

If allowed to, if not interfered with, this inbuilt homoeostatic tendency will tend to settle conflict and disturbance, will tend to cool conditions down (this aspect is seen for example in the laws and conditions relating to thermodynamics). Its tendency is to calm things down, to settle them into an optimum steady state, guiding them towards harmony, non-conflict, quiescence, balance, stillness, relaxation.

“ important principle of homoeostasis, namely that the corrective mechanism is triggered by the very entity which is to be regulated. In other words, homoeostasis involves a self-adjusting mechanism, the control process being inbuilt into the system...”


It is therefore the quality of force which tends towards a dimensionless dimension. It tends towards a better quality of being. Dimensions of length, height, depth and duration and all the other measurements we invent, all have to do with quantity and quantifying. But this is about the dynamic qualitative state. defines this tendency towards the best quality state as a “dimensionless dimension” and for short calls the tendency towards it the DIM Tendency and the optimum state itself, the DIM.

The Dim is the best available state at that particular moment of time while the Dim tendency is the constant push towards equilibrium or best state.

The word DIM covers this concept. It is short, descriptive and easy to remember, it is also an anagram of MID, and indeed this tendency of Nature always tries to find the Mean, the Norm, the Neutral, the Middle Path, the best position given the available circumstances.

In addition the word “DIM” provides the possibility to point to states that are out-of-Dim ( a-Dim ) by using the suffixes ‘over’ and ‘under’ so that we can have the words DIMover or DIMunder.

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The concept of entropy in science - if extended to include all kinds of changes - is related to this idea of the Dim or Dim tendency but the concept “entropy” seems to be confused by human value jugements – i.e prejudices - about what order should be and yet is not.

Certainly Nature seems to have its own inbuilt sense of ordering and arranging based on what can only be called a “best” or "better" state.

From the above it is easy to appreciate that each moment is a DIM moment since, however grim it may appear in comparison to other real or imagined past or future Dims, IT, in its particular context of relativity, is the best given the prevailing conditions and circumstances.

"Dont confuse dim with dim tendency! They are not the same thing... at least not the same aspect. Whether we use the concept dim or dim tendency depends on the connectoring which in turn depends on which aspect and how we are viewing it at that moment... it's a momentary view in any case. And don't forget also the distortion of dim and dim tendency caused by the code & coding overriding the natural DIM"" Mindupdate audio

If we consider this carefully and deeply we can go on to see that each subatomic particle, each atom, every molecule, in fact every ingredient making up the Reality of Nature, each of them individually and all of them collectively carry a Dim tendency. And therefore every moment things are either in a DIM state or tending towards one. Each ingredient of whatever aggregate or process, whether large or small, far or near, dense or subtle, fast or slow, however interfered with and disturbed, carries its own inbuilt homoeostasis tendency, its own DIM tendency.

For example the Dim for the temperature of the human body in normal health is 36.8 degrees Centigrade ( 98.6 F. ). A fever would be Dimover and a chill would be Dimunder. The Dim tendency acting within the human organism - through a very complex mechanism not yet fully understood by biologists - can be said to be the force responsible for maintaining this specific Dim state. Likewise for any of the other so-called self-regulating bodily functions. So there are specific Dims for each and every individual thing and bigger aggregate Dims for collective processes. The solar system is one such process.

Millions of tiny little dims somehow end up making a new Dim and lots of Dims together join together to make up a Big Dim and so on.

And because all things are not going in the same direction, sooner or later things naturally start acting as obstacles (preventers) to each other’s Dim tendency and travel path, therefore there then arises conflict, collision and struggle going on between Dims.

But it all tends to the best providing it is not further interfered with, in which case the Big Dim is delayed. By interference is meant fresh new obstacles entering the picture.

From the observation of specific instances of Dim visible in everyday life and confirmed by science, we can infer that the Dim tendency of Nature extends throughout the four conjoint orders of Reality ( l ll ll/ll and ll/2 ) but the biological growth of the code interacting with the human being’s own coding makes it difficult to spot.

A direct link between the Dim tendency and Gravity is highly probable. This topic will be discussed in a coming soon article.

In the realm of thinking and feeling we can see how psychologically the human organism is pushed by this Dim tendency under the disguise of a four-fold need or compulsion:

-- to overcome dimover and dimunder already present and now
-- to avoid any dimover / dimunder not yet present ("((F))")
-- to maintain the dim already existing and present "((N))"
-- to cultivate future dim states not yet present

We can furthermore see that in the “N” period of feeling, the feeling has tremendous Dim-related wisdom but only a momentary wisdom valid for each specific instant. The P and the F of thinking however is the one which brings in - by comparison - the consideration of (remembered) past and (imagined or predicted) future Dims.

This means that the Dim operates even through to the thinking which in turn implies that the causality may not be completely lost between the II/2 and the II/II.

Misconnectoring is therefore bound to cause interference in the Dim tendency and thereby cause interference in the natural order of things, interfering in the harmonious flow of the life force, whose nature of its own accord is to move towards the best possible position (greater harmony as a whole.

Don’t forget that Nature’s sense of better may have little or nothing to do with our own self-centred and prejudiced ideas of ‘better’!

The Dim tendency indeed operates at every level - vibrational, elastical, mechanical, chemical, electrical, electromagnetic, nuclear, gravitational and therefore is also clearly observable at the biological and organic level.

see Newton1 & 2

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