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Another term borrowed from electrical engineering because it is illustrative and from it most people can easily get in their mind a clear picture of the meaning. This concept is not shown independently on the main framework because it is covered in relation to connectoring concerning the Pxxx and the Fxxx.

In addition to other kinds of switching, switching here refers specifically to switching the connector thereby in one’s mind and nervous system making a new connection or new pattern of connections.

For example two people enter a room and one says “oh, what a nice ceiling!”. And the other person replies “yes, but the wood floor needs repairing”. The answer shows the other person has switched the connector from the ceiling to the floor and from a consideration of aesthetics to technicalities about refurbishment.

This switching of connectors and connectoring happens all the time in conversations in everyday life, in advertizing and in the press. It happens so fast and so frequently, and we have become so in the habit of doing this or having it done to us, that we are not aware of its influence in Decision Making Processes and in the construction of new codes.

The great danger of indiscriminate switching arises when talking to yourself, which is thinking, and jumping (switching) from one level of connectors to another level belonging to a different position, time, class or other different order of reality. Because if there is no clear awareness of this process in three dimensions (four dimensions if we include time), we cannot decode properly and if we cannot decode properly, we get confused. And stay confused. And pass on the confusion to others. If other people are similarly confused, this kind of confusion all too easily reinforces itself and gathers momentum.

Out of such confusion, all sorts of mischief and calamities have arisen in the world to spoil the wonderful five minutes of life.

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