Swap "Exchange"

Exchange is one of the most frecuently ocurring events in human existence: respiration is an obvious example of a continuous exchange between our inside environment (content) and the outside environment (context).

Closely related to the general concept "exchange" is the concept "swap", which has quite a few aspects worth mentioning.

We all know what swapping one thing for another thing means. It means changing something we have now or will have in the future for something we do not have. It may concern fulfilling a want, a wish, a desire or a need.

It always involves a double or mutual exchange because the other person or entity is engaging in the same action from the other side.

It may involve swapping things of the same class or order of reality or things from two different classes or orders of reality. For example if I swap some tomatoes of mine for some oranges of yours, then in this case the swap is of the same order of reality or class. Both are physical things and both vegetables.

If on the other hand a general decides to sacrifice 100,000 troops to gain some territorial advantage on a battlefield, then in this case the orders of reality are not the same.

Nevertheless we all know that in either case this is done for some sort of real or imaginary advantage, benefit or improvement.

So any agreement or transaction whereby we trade something we have or will have for something we do not have, involves giving up or sacrificing the thing being swapped. This giving up or sacrifice may be provisional (for example a rental) or permanent.

Through a swap we convert or transform something potential into something actual. We change something into something different and somehow use that difference for a real or imaginary advantage.

Most people are not at all aware how often things of one order of reality, real things such as human beings, their feelings and emotions, are sacrificed for concepts belonging to a completely different order of reality!!

More familiar examples of swap are: work for money; time for money; expertize for money; commitment for freedom of choice; bachelorhood for marriage; mortgages; loans; money for food and so on. There are countless other examples.

Along with pushing colliding connecting switching travelling (moving) and agreeing, ....... swapping seems to be one of life’s most frecuently ocurring actions.

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