The concept of structure is fundamental to research in science, philosophy, architecture and art. It concerns how patterns are arranged, organized and connected.

Structure is also closely connected to function and behaviour.

For example's Philosophy map uses a 3 fold structure:
semiphysics physics metaphysics

The main framework, itself a structure, contains about a half dozen concepts covering fundamental structures which are very repetitively present in Reality. Have fun spotting them and thinking about them. If you spot some other structures not covered by these concepts let us know.

The whole question of structure is much more important than it seems as, apart from solving other mysteries (see below), it might give an answer to the simultaneous coexistence of things eternal (metathings) and not eternal. The whole of the universe might be eternal but not its parts. The parts might have their beginnings and endings but not the whole. How?

If all the parts ended at the same time, then the whole would end as well. But if the parts begin and end at different times, and have different durations, such that some parts are always arising while others are ceasing, then at any given moment (at one and the same time) there are always some parts in existence forming the then whole. Parts disappear but not the whole. The whole only changes. What the parts are does not matter: elementary particles, atoms, molecules, things, people, galaxies, anything. As long as they do not all end at one and the same time, the whole can go on.

If everything ended at the same time, then the whole would end too. But then where would all the parts of the parts of the parts of the parts that are falling apart and disappearing, go to? Perhaps into a completely undisturbed state of ether.

Have fun spotting what are the fundamental repetitive structures in the universe - there are not many of them - and relating these findings to other mysteries: such as alternation of contraction and release/breathing in and breathing out (oscillating, pulsating; pumping=force/s --->turb---mass-turb --turbulence --screw motion, spin, twist, torque; double spin, double spiral, two brain-parts; two heart-parts etc)

See ether metaphysics

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