Stress & Strain

The concepts of stress and strain also deal with one of the key divisions of everything. In their wider implications they seem to have been insufficiently applied by the sciences and largely ignored or overlooked in philosophy and psychology.

Definition of stress and strain

In the context of the Main Framework the word stress refers to the action of force, of push on a physical object or structure as understood in physical mechanics.

Likewise the word strain refers to the deformation in pattern or structure caused by the force of stress on a physical body or structure.

In everyday usage the terms stress and strain are used loosely and imprecisely to point to some kind of pressure and the fatigue caused by such pressure. This is not what is meant here.

At we are using the terms in their precise definition as used in classical mechanics but applying them more widely.

In the main framework the concepts stress and strain point to the same meaning as push and pattern except that stress is usually understood as a continuing push producing a continuing pattern (strain).

Of course the concepts of stress and strain as defined in physical mechanics are not new discoveries. And have been known, used and applied for a long time especially in engineering and architecture.

But the wider implications of this fundamental division for other sciences such as biology, biochemistry, psychology as well as philosophy have, so far as we know, not been spotted or sufficiently emphasized anywhere.

2 key aspects
The two key aspects which seem to have been overlooked and yet are vital for understanding the main framework of reality are:

that pushes / stresses are feelable but not seeable


patterns / strains are seeable but not feelable.

This duality causes tremendous difficulty in scientific research because all experiment-monitoring instruments designed to detect any form of invisible disturbance (push, stress) register them and translate them into visible patterns (strains).

In addition, and to further complicate things, stress and strain are key players in the psychemechanics of the Code and Coding because they play a fundamental rĂ´le in the construction of the nervous system and how it works.

When we close our eyes and sense ourselves internally, we feel invisible feelings and sensations. Yet when we open our eyes and look at the outside of ourselves we see only patterns,which are the resulting strains continually produced by the ongoing stresses (pushes).

We end up confusing specifics and equating the stresses with the strains, confusing invisible pushes with visible patterns. The result is we think they are the same and furthermore behave as if they are the same. When they are not the same because they are two completely different specifics.

From this example we can see how easy it is to confuse the specific. Only by connectoring properly can we save ourselves from confusion.

Nobody else can do it for us! And the whole world will change if enough of us get it right!

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