Sponsoring procedure details

Subscribing procedure details has so far been funded by a few private individuals who believe in the importance of the mindupdate project and its fundamental messages. The editor of mindupdate expresses his warm thanks for their unflinching support.

We are grateful for grants and donations from institutions, companies and other private individuals who likewise believe in the importance of the mindupdate project, who believe the time is ripe to promote a method which can contribute to a worldwide change in mentality and attitude.

ANOTHER WAY to sponsor us is by featuring us in your own website, advertizing or information bulletins.

Sponsorship entitles companies and institutions to associate their corporate image with the project in their advertizing.

Sponsors are encouraged to submit contents to's MAGAZINE SECTION with a view to promoting and sharing innovative ideas, insights, findings and serious research.

Sponsors may also offer prizes and other incentives through to researchers and students to encourage them to submit maps on specific areas of knowledge such as physics, mathematics, business, law, finance and others (see Maps).

Sponsors's advertizing will be placed in the spaces under the left hand photography column in the Magazine section. Sponsors' logos and link can also be featured under's SPONSORS page in evidence of their support of the project.

Sponsors will receive discounts on MAPS, books, tapes, photography and other items when these are available.

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