The concept of semithing is a new one. Perhaps an important intellectual discovery. No language contains the word semithing. We propose its introduction because there is a need to point to what we are trying to define as...

“ .... such parts of a thing, as can move or seem to move for a limited time away from their normal position in the thing but only up to a point and then return back to their normal position.

“Semithings have a beginning and an ending but only as disturbances (movements, oscillations) of some part(s) of things. So they only make what we could call semi-movements and have a semi-existence. This temporary existence is necessarily always of shorter duration than the duration of the thing of which they are only a disturbance. When a thing moves as a whole, the semithings have to move with it otherwise they break off and become fresh new things. But when they - as part of the thing – move, the remaining parts of the thing need not be moving at all, because their movement is only a local disturbance or semi-movement of the, and on the whole thing.

So wherever a thing goes, the semithings go with it. But a thing can stay where it is when a semithing moves.

What counts above all when considering a part of Reality either a thing or a semithing is where you stand when you are looking at them. see proper connectoring

The same part of reality can be either a thing or a semithing but not as seen from the same point of view. For example a wave, seen as a thing, has particles as semithings. A door seen as a thing has hinges and handles as semithings. A person seen as a thing has lips and fingers as semithings. But from the viewpoint of a satellite, the earth is a thing and waves and people and doors are all semithings. Looking at the solar system from outside it, the solar system would be a thing and the the planet earth a semithing.

Dividing reality into these two aspects, not only follows reality but results into much more precise observation. It is extremely useful in analysis and synthesis.

The Main Framework could not have been thought out without it. We are certain it is a useful method and a new tool. We believe it might be an important discovery. Time will tell.

We look forward to your feedback.

see semithing theory article on magazine page.

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