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By the word Reality we refer to the conjoint 4-fold nature of Reality: four different “worlds” or aspects or levels, which function together, interpenetrate eachother and interact with eachother up to a point.

These 4 fundamental concepts are unfolded into the six dozen concepts of the main framework chart, which as far as this can go clearly illustrate the connections between the different aspects of reality.’s logo is an hieroglyph or ideogram of the 4-fold con-joint Reality.

The l (ONE) refers to the totality, the nonduality, of which it is not possible in language to make any sensible comment.

The ll (TWO) refers to the metathing, to its entire field of momentary disturbances, oscillations, semithings, and things. The TWO also represents the apparent 'dividedness' and 'polarity'

The ll/2 and the ll/ll refer to the nonsimilar and the similar, the entire fields of coding and image-making.

see similar and nonsimilar

See key article Code & Coding and Autumn'08 magazine article on the Conjoint.

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