The word “randomness” is used to mean that there can be a break or gap in the chain of “cause and effect” called causality, on which all thinking and logic is based. It does not refer to our ignorance of some of the links in the chain of cause and effect. It means that some of the links in the chain are missing (nonexistent). No one, including scientists and philosophers, really knows if this can happen.

Yet sometimes it seems that there is a break or gap in the chain of causality

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It may be though that in reality the chain is not broken and that it is only our inability to spot the links because of its complexity or because our thinking or senses or instruments are not up to the task. And this inability causes us to conclude there is a gap in the chain of causality.

A clock mechanism is based on events all linked by cause and effect. Imagine a watch in which some links do not not link. We would then see INDETERMINACY.

see philosophy map N.21 on Contingency & Randomness

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