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Forces are produced (appear) at the moment of collision. It is possible that even the gravitational force follows this rule (see article on a possible explanation for gravity). Forces can never be separated from the things that carry them.

All changes are caused by forces or the resulting pushes and movements from forces. Forces are present everywhere around us and inside us here and now. But no one has ever been able to see a force. We might however feel it if it is pushing us. If it is outside us, we can see an object which pushes us but not the push itself. If the force pushes another person we cannot feel it.

We can only see its effect (change) on the other person, depending. Different pushes are given different names: energy, power, pressure, stress, weight and many others. They are all pushes (forces) and they cause all collisions, all disturbances, all movements, all changes, life itself.

Forces can never be separated from the things (objects) carrying them. Objects we see, forces we don’t. They always go together. The strength of a force – and forces appear only when at least two objects collide – depends strangely, not only on the speed of the colliding objects, but on their joint or relative speed. This in turn depends on the direction of their travel. Objects at small velocities colliding head-on can result into great damage whereas enormous velocities colliding back to front traveling in the same direction can result into little damage. And the very same objects with the same speeds can create – out of nothing it seems – an endless variety of forces simply by switching directions. But for this to happen again some force is needed!

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