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Permitter and Preventor are two of the few halfdozen or so fundamental structures in this Universe as far as we know. Because researchers are not accustomed to thinking in such a wide general way it is possible that the “everywheriness” of these two structures has not been spotted and therefore their importance neglected and under-realized.

Anything which acts as an obstacle to the passage (travel) of another thing is a preventer.

Permitters and preventors do not necessarily even have to be physical. The decision-making process, acting as a filtre, is full of them. Beliefs and wrong ideas can prevent progress and freedom.

Everything in the Universe is in movement even when something appears to us to be at rest. At a micro level science has shown that the component parts of all individual things great or small continue to be in perpetual motion.

Even at the our-size level things that we perceive as “at rest” are simply provisionally travelling together with bigger things which prevent the continuity of what their own individual movement might have been. A ladder propped against a wall is a simple example. The wall acts as a preventer to the action of gravity.

Other examples: the computer is on a desk acting as the preventer preventing the computer travelling onwards down to the floor. If the desk collapses, the computer would crash down to the floor, in which case the floor becomes the preventer of further travel.

When walking through a crowd, although the preventers are moving, some of the people coming towards you prevent your passage (travel). If you freezed the crowd you would then have a filtre. You would then walk through the gaps (all gaps are potentially permitters) whilst being hindered by the preventers which condition either the speed of your travel or your direction or both.

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