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This pair of concepts are two of the four symbols making up the 4-fold conjoint as shown in’s logo at the top of each of our web pages.

The main framework can be considered as an 18 fold unfolding of these 4 symbols.

Similar stands for any representation that is similar to the thing it represents. For example the picture of an orange either outside on a piece of paper or inside our mind is visually similar to the real orange which we can taste, touch, smell, eat, digest and obtain nourishment (fuel, energy) from.

All images and all pictures are similars. They are not the same as the thing they represent but they are similar to them. Similar visually. In the case of a sculpture the similarity may go further to include touch. In the cinema the similarity includes sights and sounds (taste, touch and smell are missing from cinema experience but these similarities are also likely to included as cinema technology advances). In the case of sounds some words are similar to the natural sounds made by events in nature.

Nonsimilar stands for all those representations which are not similar but which are used as stand-ins or substitutes for the similar representation. For example the written word “orange” or the spoken sound “orange”, whatever the language, is a nonsimilar used to stand in for the image. In other words the nonsimilar – if the language is known – immediately connects to the similar representation. If the language is not known, the person hearing or seeing the nonsimilar representation is unable to connect to any precise meaning.

Similarity and nonsimilarity are relative not absolute. When the sound of some words is similar to the event causing them, it enables people across cultures to understand the meaning without knowing eachother’s language. In this case the words are not truly nonsimilar but act more like similars. Certain signs and signals are another case.

For example our LOGO strikes a chord of similarity because it makes immediately comprehensible the fourfold simultaneous functioning of Reality’s four fundamental levels: its mysterious unfathomable totality, its manifest dividedness (duality), its similar representations and its nonsimilar representations (codes).

The main framework strikes a more complex chord of similarity. Yet it is also somehow similar to what many of us have known and thought all along.

see conjoint code language use connectoring

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