Money is a very complex subject not fully understood even by leading financial experts, who of course know quite a lot about certain aspects of what money does but admit to knowing a lot less about about what money is. Especially about what it has become in the last few hundred years. What it has become in the last few years is currently a matter of hot debate!

Whatever it is, it is continuously evolving.... and will be posting articles and blogs on this important and insufficiently understood subject.

Money is one of the things along with tools which differentiate human beings from the rest of organic nature on this planet.

Judging by the amount of greed, fear, hate, delusion and other strong emotions that the concept of money has generated down the ages and continues to generate right now, this concept is for human beings a very crucial one.

Animals are not bothered about it at all. No other living beings that we know of seem to be the slightest bit concerned with money which shows it is something exclusive to human nature and human interaction.

Like many of the other concepts on the main framework, money is insufficiently understood as to what it is and what it does. will be posting articles on this subject and we look forward to sponsors’ feedback on this critical subject.

It is high time we updated our thinking on money.

The Dim tendency sooner or later will anyway inevitably push things to the point where a big change concerning money is going to take place. One of’s priorities is to assist in this change towards a better attitude leading to a fairer valuation of each human being's contribution to life on this planet Earth.

But before this can happen there is an urgent need to understand how the phenomenon of money has arisen in human behaviour, a need to understand its relationship to tool and code, its great usefulness as well as the great dangers inherent in its misuse and abuse.

And above all to understand what we are doing to ourselves and to others through its presence and through its absence, through its use and abuse (misuse).

see swap (exchange)

see the relationship of money to code tool lever

And also to belief hope doubt new species

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