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As far as human beings are concerned, there are several kinds of patterns: visual patterns, patterns of sound, of music, of movement and other types of pattern spotted by our senses.

In the context of the Main Framework the concept pattern refers to any perceivable arrangement resulting from a push or combination of pushes. The resulting pattern may be static (if unchanging this means it is a repetitive event) or it may be in movement, dynamic, fluctuating, changing.

Some patterns are external to our bodymind organism and some are internal. And there takes place a constant interaction between the two.

Patterns acquire meaning for us when they are fitted into a context of other previously acquired and remembered patterns. All of them acquired by our senses, by our nervous system and brain. And stored (remembered).

Take for example the letters of the alphabet. 26 slightly different pushes with a pencil onto paper leave 26 different patterns or marks. The same applies if the pushing object is a stick and the receiving substance sand or a chisel and stone. Whatever way we make the marks, we get 26 different patterns.

We get to remember these patterns through repetitive contact with them. We gradually fit each one of them into a context of the other patterns. By doing this they acquire meaning and can be used as tools for acquiring other meanings such as concepts and ideas when names and words are formed from aggregates of them.

It is a very complex process. As we grow up from infants into adults we become so used to this process, it becomes so automatic and so repetitive, that we fail to see how complex and multi-layered is the ongoing interaction between push, pattern and meaning.

We will be writing a lot more about all this in the magazine articles. And we look forward to blogs from sponsors on this and other related concepts.

Pattern and meaning are fundamental to the construction of all our beliefs, hopes, values and judgements and many other aspects.

See stress and strain.

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