The Main Framework is a grid of 72 fundamental concepts covering all conceivable subsidiary concepts of human knowledge about reality. The map represents the synthesis of decades of research into the wider aspects of philosophy, sciences (particularly physics and mathematics) and psychology.

The framework’s main purpose and function is to provide a controlling “filtre” or conceptual grid to ensure proper connectoring at all times and in all situations. As such it becomes a formidable tool for updating the human mind.

Proper connectoring is the antidote to mis-connectoring, which is the number one obstacle to correct thinking at any level whether domestic, social, scientific, economic, political or cultural.

If properly learned and correctly used, this master tool can provide everyone with improved clarity and precision.

The chart can be viewed grouped in several different ways, perhaps providing further insights.

The founder, sometimes referred to in as the whizzkid, came to the unity of synthesis – the main framework - in 1958 and spent the rest of his life using it for research, constantly checking, rechecking and confirming its usefulness.
No concept was ever found necessary to add to it nor to subtract from it.

There is nothing haphazard in the chart’s layout. It is a grid of concepts about concepts arranged according to their connectedness to each other and to the Real World. The chart’s grid of 72 fundamental general concepts is a “filtre” through which, theoretically, any other group of concepts from any specific area of knowledge (details tangible or abstract) can be "strained".

The choice of 72 is by design. 72 is a most unusually accommodating and flexible number allowing for more than a half dozen different ways of grouping its factors. (without counting other ways of grouping the concepts which seem less useful)

By pressing on the chosen grouping, the lines come up on the chart.

As 36 pairs
as 18 quartets
as 12 sextets
as 9 groups of 8
as 6 dozen
as a trio of 24s
as a whole

The main framework does not seek to define particular details but to be very precise about general features in order to make analysis and synthesis easier and quicker. Proper connectoring through using the concepts of the main framework will systematically prevent the confusing of specifics.

The use of this precise and adaptable tool and filtre can help everybody spot essentials more easily and quickly. In addition it will enable researchers and students to avoid getting lost in details and to derive clearer meanings from whatever complexity they are studying.

Having the main framework in mind provides clear general connections to the Real World enabling us to fit the details of whatever we are studying into a familiar pattern and context.

Have fun spotting essentials more quickly, thinking more clearly, being more coherent, analyzing, shortening and synthesizing better!

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