Influence is the most general concept to cover any way of affecting, controlling or acting on something either directly or indirectly (either by direct contact or at a distance) in such a way as to cause change or tend to cause change (in the case of the influence being resisted). See lever.

As far as the human being is concerned there are 6 main kinds of contacts: the eye with sights (visible patterns of disturbances of the ether, the ear with sounds (audible disturbances of the air), the nose with smells, the tongue with tastes, the body with sensations (direct surface and internal disturbances) and the mind with codes and concepts. By mind we mean the awareness and consciousness as particular disturbances of the brain and nervous system.

Each of these 6 types of contact exerts different influences or combinations of influences at different moments (situations).

Contact Influence

Contact is an even broader more englobing concept than collision. It includes all forms of collisions but also other forms of contact which may not involve a collision. For example you spot at a gathering of people someone across the other side of the room and that contact triggers recognition: it could be someone you know or someone you would like to know. There has been no collision, no delivery of a direct push yet that contact may influence you. So influence and its consequences can arise from contacts without a physical collision being involved.

Also things may be touching each other, in contact, but not pushing each other. That type of contact can also exert an influence.

For example beliefs, hopes and doubts are all powerful influences. Contact with new ideas can exert an influence for revising old ideas and thereby updating the mind and changing the mentality.

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