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In philosophy it was considered a substance, a subtle fifth element from which all other material elements are somehow derived.

The fundamental problem that philosophers could not resolve any other way was: how can all this complexity arise out of nothing?

The concept of nothing rarely appears in dictionaries of philosophy, which shows it is a difficult tricky problem. Difficult because a true “nothing” would mean that there can be no observer present to observe it. Neither the observer’s consciousness, neither thoughts, feelings, nor his instruments can be present while observing the nothing. Otherwise something would be there. And so without these how is it to be considered? Only by guessing and imagining? Tricky, because even then there is something there!

If you decide that nothing could never have existed, then this means that the arising of the Universe out of nothing is an impossibility. See problems No.25 and 26 on the philosophy chart

The concept of aether as described in ancient Greek, Indian, Chinese and other philosophical classifications of elements underwent considerable refinement under the later research by classical physicists.

In classical physics ether or aether came to be understood as the medium through which light and other electromagnetic disturbances propagate. And the concept of the ether continued to be a fundamental tenet of classical physics long after scientists had rejected the philosophical theory of the five elements.

It was fundamental to both Newton and Maxwell’s models. It fell out of “scientific favour” however following failed experiments to prove its existence and because Einstein’s mathematical model had no need for it. However scientists specializing in radio wave propagation were not happy with the notion that their radio waves were supposed to travel through space on nothing!

Confusion surrounding Einstein’s work on relativity led many scientists and reputable scientific magazines “to invest heavily” in the banishment of ether from orthodoxy. By the late 1970s they found themselves in the awkward position of having to reinvent new concepts under the disguise of other names* in order to bring back something which could carry the propagation of oscillations in space (*quantum fields, interplanetary & interstellar mediums, plasma fields, strings and such like).

In his later years Einstein had in fact cancelled his earlier view and reinstated the need for a medium in which waves and oscillations could propagate. Figuratively speaking he saw that there clearly had to be an ocean of “something” for the electromagnetic disturbances to wave on! Einstein Relativity theory declares aether necessary!external link

Still not much is known yet about the aether and how it all works and fits together but its existence is now no longer in doubt. In the last 30 years fine electronic instruments have detected it. In addition several other scientific tests have been made which seem to contradict the null Michelson-Morley experiment which so conditioned Einstein’s era. Ether theories seem to be back in fashion!

Part of the ether forms the electromagnetic spectrum but only part of it. And this spectrum of 30 octaves is only a disturbance, or set of different disturbances, superimposed on some carrier disturbance of the ether itself.

No one so far knows what ether is. In the widest general way we could think of it as something halfway between something and nothing. Some articles have already been published about how ether converts into matter but no books as yet exist, even about guesses, about how ether might dissolve into nothing. It is possible that a completely undisturbed ether might be this nothing. But in this case the nothing would still be something! see metathing

The ether question is at the moment testing the limits of our capacity to understand the Universe we live in. We are still very ignorant about it all but as mental and physical tools improve, and as methods such as the main framework further develop the mind’s clarity, future investigation will provide further answers.

We will be hearing a lot more about it all.

see dim tendency and gravity

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