"Transformare Non Eliminare"


Elimination is not a concept in the main framework because it is covered by the concept swap. Yet it is worth a mention of its own.

The best guess so far of science is that matter and energy are interchangeable and that they are somehow “conserved” though in different forms, shapes or states.

If this is correct, it means that nothing can truly be “eliminated” and that by “eliminating” all we are doing is swapping some consequence(s) for another consequence(s) without realizing this is what in fact is taking place.

Because there is always the problem of where are we going to put what we eliminate, the eliminated thing(s).

For example if in the attempt to eliminate something, we opt to destroy it, however thoroughly this is done, in fact all that happens is that an integrated functioning whole is by some means or other changed into disperse disparate parts (fresh new provisional things) thereby changing but not truly eliminating (which would mean becoming nothing)

Then again in the field of mind or consciousness whatever is “eliminated” becomes relegated to what psychologists call the subconscious (out of sight but nevertheless still felt and present at a deeper level).

For this reason wise medicine and therapy aims at “transforming not eliminating”. Most other fields of human interaction could probably be much benefited by this approach.

The concept of elimination may in all probability be one of the human being’s most ignorant and erroneous concepts and the cause of endless trouble and complications. (undesirable unwanted side effects or consequences see forthcoming article The Zero Sum Game & The Folly of Elimination).

See swap and the implications of swapping

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