Within the main framework the concept of disturbance is not used in any negative or critical sense. It is the word and concept chosen to stand in the widest possible way for any kind of oscillation or vibration or change in arrangements or behaviours resulting from a collision or contact of any sort.

All such changes can be considered “disturbances”. And depending on the standpoint: all such disturbances can be considered out-of-dim.

We will constantly be using the concept disturbance to point to changes in the patterns of behaviour of things and semithings resulting from contacts and collisions.

Hardly anything else happens in the Universe. Some disturbances which happen often (repeat) we spot and give names to but most of them have no name because we are ignorant of them and do not concern ourselves with them.

Sciences deal with some specific aspects of some of them, especially the repetitive ones. But no one can deal with the vast amount of countless disturbances going on all the time in the Universe.

This of course does not mean that they are not happening all the time but it does reveal how little we as yet know about it all. We only concern ourselves with some disturbances, resulting into some changes, from some collisions only.

See Nos. 30 & 31 on the Philosophy Chart

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