Integration | Disintegration

Like many of the other concepts in the chart, these two have a very precise meaning within the Main Framework.

The concept integration refers to any combination of things and semithings getting together as a whole integrated thing with specific characteristics and capacities. It may be travelling fast or slowly. It may be large or small. It maybe made up of many similar elements or many heterogeneous elements. It may be of very short duration or very long duration or anything in between but whose duration is limited to the duration of what “fuels” its continuity. So it is always a provisional state of affairs.

Three examples:

1. When you assemble yourself to your motorcar, the combination of you and the motorcar is for the duration of that state of integration a provisional new thing. Different from the motorcar on its own. Different from you on our own.

2. When you are together with your partner in an embrace, you are for the duration of that embrace, a provisional new thing.

3. When a person gets an idea or a method in his or her head, while he or she is using it, the same thing applies.

When the conditions supporting the continuity of the integration no longer prevail (“goes not on” is the meaning of the symbol’s inner broken horizontal line), disintegration takes place and the components of the thing break up and travel on to a fresh new existence, which can be either as things or semithings.

This concept of integration and disintegration – of provisional states of affairs – of the “provisional new thing” has so far not been spotted in sciences. It can be applied at any level from the micro scale to the macro scale, corresponds to what is really happening in the (reality|real world)) and is extremely useful for proper connectoring, clear realistic analysis and synthesis.

Also applicable to imaginary things, ideas, beliefs, methods.

See repetitive event once event semithing theory

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