Disclaimer is not a science website. The contents of this website could not have been formulated without the scientific method but this does not mean that it is a science website.

Some details about science or about specific aspects related to science will be encountered in articles and blogs contributed by scientists and other researchers. We encourage and welcome scientists and researchers to come forward and share their thoughts and findings with in our blog section postexternal link.

But this still does not mean that it is a science website nor that itself lays any special claim to scientific expertize.

The mind update for which we see such an urgent need is very wide and includes most fields of human activity and interaction: domestic, educational, social, economic, business, political and scientific. disclaims all and any responsability for the contents of the BLOG NETWORK section, which is a free and open space provided to the public for posting serious research and findings related to the updating of the human mind. Inappropriate content will be filtred out.

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