Dim Tendency "Homeostasis"

The Chinese concepts of the tao and harmony come close to what is meant by dim and the dim tendency.

There exists in nature, in the Universe, a general law or tendency which has been spotted and studied both by ancient and modern researchers. It has been given many names.

In the sciences the name given to it is homeostasis.

Homeostasis is not confined only to physiological situations or equilibrium mechanics. Its action is basic, fundamental and all-pervasive. The force of its action, its influence, as far as we can see is as constant as the force of gravity.

It is the force in Nature which tends to drive things always to the best position, to the position of least conflict within the prevailing circumstances and conditions.

But what this "best" really is may have little or nothing to do with human value judgements on what is "best".

For example the dim temperature of the human organism is 36.8º C. We have not chosen this through any intellectual assessment of what is best. It happens to be that way because of the overall dim of the Nature.

If our temperature rises above 36.8º we have a fever. If our temperature falls below 36.8º we feel chilly. Either way we are disturbed and if the disturbance goes too far it is dangerous for our health, for our continuity (repetition) and may result in death (disintegration).

It is called dim because it is a quality which tends towards a “dimensionless dimension”. It tends towards what we call “normal” or “better” or “balanced” or “best”.

Dimensions of length, height, depth, duration and so forth are all measured in a quantitative way.

Dim is a dynamic and qualitative dimensionless dimension.

The dim tendency correcting disturbances can be seen to operate at every level – vibrational, elastic, mechanical, chemical, electrical, electromagnetic, nuclear, gravitational and is therefore also observable at the psychological, biological and organic level. will be posting many articles about this most important subject.

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