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We act and react the way we do depending on the connectoring. Connectoring creates our mental world, conditions it, evolves it, constantly adds to it, modifies it and transforms it. Our world view, our view of ourselves, our view of anything, depends on our connectoring ..... it is impossible to exaggerate the importance of connectoring properly.” Mindupdate Founder

The term connector has been borrowed from electrical engineering because of the need for a precise yet general concept to cover any and every kind of specific connection to which the connectoring at any given moment of active consciousness is linking and therefore attending.

A connector can be any kind of specific information (XXX XX X see trex), either external to our bodymind organism or internal to it, or concerning the interaction between these two, real or imaginary, past (P), present (N) or projected (F).

What makes or turns something into a connector is that at a given moment it is being pointed to, linked into a process and used.

The whole operation of linking up – of connecting together – any connectors or sets of connectors – a complex dynamic process taking place in three dimensions – is termed the connectoring.

The connectoring is directed by consciousness into a particular direction or area providing for us a momentary view of something at a given moment.

The purpose of connectoring is for orientation and obtaining meaning. A cat couldn’t cross the road without it.

Except in deep sleep, during which time the connectoring is having a rest, some connectoring is going on all the time even during dreaming.

Five kinds of connectors are represented on the main framework chart – because of their fundamental importance:

  • coming from outside // coming from inside the bodymind organism
  • repetitive (had before, habit) // nonrepetitive (once event)
  • coming as an image (similar representation) // coming as a code (nonsimilar)
  • concerning oneself as participant // concerning onself as observer // not concerning oneself trex
  • concerning the N of sensations // concerning the P and the F of thinking

Misconnectoring is the opposite of connectoring properly.

For a detailed explanation of this key subject see Key article on proper connectoring

See also pattern and meaning.

Connectoring is fundamental to psychemechanics, to how meaning is constructed out of specific disturbancesand patterns, how we generate it for ourselves and for others.

The understanding of its operation from source (cause) to result (effect) gives a much more precise view of how meaning derives not from things themselves but from the interplay between trex and trecon.

In isolation nothing has any meaning.

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