World Now Complexity

This symbol refers to the complex state of affairs in the world that has developed over time. The symbol represents a human being holding a tool. Tools have greatly changed and complicated our world from how it was when Nature made it. See tool

But appearances can be deceptive because most scientific books state that the composition of the Universe as far as researchers have been able to measure is 92.7% hydrogen and 7.2% helium.

Considering the complexity of our world, our planet earth, even as a guess it seems astonishing that the Universe is 99.9% composed of only two things and that all the rest of the Universe including all the stars, all the planets, all the everything else, including you and I, only amount to the remaining 0.1%

In addition, physicists are also now guessing that within this 0.1% (as well as the hydrogen and helium "rest" of the universe) 99.999.....% of it is "empty space". In other words inside the aggregate of matter itself is almost entirely gap.

To grasp this, imagine a concert where 99.999...% of the time the orchestra is silent and only putting in the odd note every 0.0001...% of the time. This would mean a note or so every few years in a very long and virtually eventless concert!
Unless the concert were enormously speeded up we would become very bored and go home.

See simplicity ether

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