We normally use the word “collision” to stand for any encounter between two or several things coming together violently. But here in the Main Framework we use it to mean any contact, be it fast or slow, friendly or unfriendly, animate or inanimate, any contact whatsoever that produces a push and change of any kind.

The Main Framework uses concepts and words in their widest general meaning. Here the word collision is used to stand for any kind of contact delivering a push. There are countless names for special kinds of collision such as kiss, handshake, war, fall, pressure, hit, strike, caress, force?, energy, mass and many others you can spot if you train yourself to think in a wide general way.

There is however an unsolved problem. Apart from the language? problem, there is the mystery of what is there when the contact push is not there. In other words when the pushing things are there, not the push.

Hardly anything in and around us happens without some form of collision and some form of push. Collisions and pushes are going on everywhere always. Most philosophers, physicists and serious thinkers (although they may use different words) conclude that reality can be reduced to the two ultimate concepts of matter and energy (mass can stand for both) and they are both collisions of something. Things that had not existed before, new ones, new arrangements, are formed by collisions. Even if they last for a fraction of a second.

Collisions produce changes? and effects (consequences) that can continue even after the collision itself ends. Even after the contact itself is over. Some of these effects are semithings (disturbances) and some become things. Nature integrates things but it also disintegrates them. At the very same time that it is integrating some things it is disintegrating others. All integrated things are bound to disintegrate sooner or later. But not at the same time. At each particular moment of time, something is always in existence.

At each particular moment of the Universe some things are always present (by this is meant forces and things in existence then).

Specific semithing disturbances and specific things have beginnings and endings but not the whole (all of them taken together).

We could call this continuous series of differently composed and arranged wholes “continunity” (a state of continuously different similarity) or the Metathing. see Philosophy Chart Push is one of the great mysteries so far unresolved by philosophy or science. We know quite a lot about what certain kinds of pushes do but we do not know what push is. No one has ever seen a push. We can only see patterns and changes of arrangements resulting from pushes. The pushed changes but what happens to the push? If something pushes us we can feel it. We can see an object that pushes us but not see the push itself. If the same object pushes someone else we then can neither see its push nor feel it.

We give different pushes many different names: energy, power, weight, pressure, force, stress and so on. But don’t let all these different names confuse you. They are all pushes (forces) and they cause all disturbances, all collisions, all movements, life itself.

Pushes (forces) can never be separated from the objects or vehicles which carry them. Objects you see, pushes you don’t. But they are always together.

Push is what makes pattern.

Consider the concept Conservation of Energy.

See stress strain dim out-of-dim gravity

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