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The Master Tool

Autumn Edition 2008

As we become cleverer and cleverer, and more and more powerful, it becomes more and more urgent to bring wisdom into balance with knowledge. This will require that every single one of us updates our mind and mentality. This means embarking on a revision of fundamental concepts which govern our habits, our behaviour and our reaction patterns.

To do this we urgently need a new tool, a new approach, a new method. presents the Main Framework as master tool.

The Precise Meaning of Awareness & Consciousness

Autumn Edition 2008

Whether we realize it or not, both these words – awareness and consciousness - point to disturbances of the nervous system, disturbances which are almost certainly located very close to each other inside the nervous system.

This is one of the fruits of the research work behind Science has not yet gone this far. And in psychology no clear distinction is made between awareness and consciousness.

Editor's Welcome

Autumn Edition 2008

The Main Framework fills the need for a connecting framework across different fields of knowledge. Once scientists and other people get hold of it and the few simple assumptions on which it is based, rapid progress will be made towards a coherent vision of Reality along with Unified Theories in sciences.

The ConJoint

Autumn Edition 2008

Reality can be viewed as having a fourfold foundation or order. It is in fact a fourfold mixture acting together. Using an old Cockney expression, humorously calls it a "conjoint" because of the endless confusion this mix up causes.

Eternity Lobby Vs. Big Bangers

Autumn Edition, 2008

Scientists with their mental and physical tools probe more and more deeply into the Reality surrounding us. Among the great mysteries confronting them are the Eternal Substance and the Eternal Changes caused by FORCES.

The question of structure is much more important than it appears because it can provide a clear and sensible answer to the possible co-existence at the same time of things not eternal and things eternal: meta-things.

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