All of a Kind

This concept covers the grouping together of things of the same class or kind such as trees, birds, star systems or cells.

This grouping together is of course in our minds only but not in the Nature.

For example within the class “tree” there is a certain repetitive pattern or feature or characteristic which enables us to recognize, invent and use the concept “tree”. There are hundreds of kinds of trees, of widely varying characteristics, yet all of them share and exhibit the particular nature which makes them belong to the category “tree”. For this purpose their differences are ignored.

All concepts themselves are an example of this. We always have to ignore something.

We must not forget though, that even in a basket of oranges gathered off the same tree there are all kinds of differences. These are usually ignored. The mind is expert at ignoring what doesn’t interest it. Or what it does not see any need to be concerned with.

see Everything Heterogenous

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